Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why you should upgrade to Windows 7

I usually don't recommend everyone immediately upgrade to a new version of anything. I'm firmly in the wait for others to find the bugs camp. I like to run the latest myself but for paying customers if it ain't broke why fix it. I don't recommend they upgrade until version 1.1 or possibly with a hardware change. I'm changing this position for Windows 7. It's not that different from Vista. Vista's now at Service Pack 2 and is very stable. For whatever reason many people are still running XP. The security benefits of Windows 7 compared to XP far outweigh any cons about upgrading. The Internet is worse than the wild west was. Surfing the net with XP is like showing up at the OK Coral naked with a water pistol. It doesn't matter what you do, you're probably going to lose. When you do lose you will become a zombie bothering the local townies until they finally put you out of your misery. Windows 7 puts you in the game. You've got as good of a chance as the bad guys. For this reason alone Windows 7 is worth upgrading for. All the fancy UI, networking, media enhancements, etc, are just gravy. Security is the number one reason to upgrade. Heck, even the Linux and Mac crowd should be urging the Windows crowd to upgrade. The Internet will be a much better place when XP is forgotten.

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