Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walking in the Rain Revisited

A while back I wrote a blog post comparing computer security to walking in the rain. This morning it was raining pretty hard during my morning walk. It wasn't raining quite as hard as when I wrote the previous post but west coasters know what "raining pretty hard" means. For the rest of you, it was raining as hard as you'll probably ever experience unless you live in a rain forest. For some reason I decided not to use the same gear as in the blog post. I had the Halti jacket and Tilley hat on. I didn't take an umbrella, wear gloves, or wear rain pants. I ignored my own advice from this blog post about security being a marathon where we can never relax. In half a block my pants were soaked through. A few minutes later my hands were cold. I had to cut my usual walk in half because I was getting cold and wet. Computer security is similar. Use the appropriate tools. Don't take shortcuts. Never relax or get complacent.

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