Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How can someone hate an OS?

Vista seems to have polarised many IT professionals. Many IT Pros are avid haters of Vista. They constantly blog about how bad it is. They very seldom give concrete examples of why it is bad. When they do give examples they are often links to other blogs written by people who hate Vista. These blogs are also often short of real examples. I say to all of these people - get a life! It's an OS. If you don't like it there are plenty of others to choose from. Pick one and go with it. I use many OS's on a daily basis. I happen to like Vista and prefer it as a client OS but if I didn't I wouldn't spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about it.

If you hate Vista leave a comment that has specific examples and let's get a good debate going. Rants without examples will be ignored.


Spedigor said...

Hello, what a good question, “How can someone hate an OS”!?
I am sorry that I must say that on this our world are many, too many
people simply hating, hating everything and if asked they do not even know why!? It does not mater what or why, they are simply hating.
And please tell me what is now “IN” to be commented, hated, . . .
As it is “normal” in the past years everything what comes from Microsoft!? So why not Vista?
It is enough that something comes from Microsoft and it will be categorized
as bad!
Until now I never found something coming from MS in witch they say something bad about other OS or generally but more than enough bad things about everything what is or comes from MS!?
Why? Has all this to do with envy? Is this a way frustrated (why) people get satisfaction? I do not understand and I can not agree with.


Ian Samson's Blog said...

Ian Samson (South Africa) here: What is there about Vista Business 32 to "hate"? This version is actually very nice, very stable, well thought out, etc., except for networking. It is a real pain to network Vista Business with my other two desktops. XP Home will see my Vista laptop, my Vista laptop will not see the XP Home desktop. My Windows 2000 Pro desktop will see the XP Home machine but not the Vista laptops, and so on and so fifth.

Kerry Brown said...

I know a lot of people find networking with Vista hard. I get a lot of questions about networking. I've been setting up networks for many years. I actually find networking with Vista easier than previous versions of Windows. Most of the problems I see are caused by 3rd party security programs, particularly firewalls and security suites.

Dan W. said...

3rd party software currently does not play nicely with Windows 98 Second Edition and so this is a common but unfortunate theme that Microsoft has gotten used to by being #1 for so long. I say bring on the competition from Google, Mozilla, Unix/Linux, etc. so Microsoft can learn and grow and Microsoft does its best work when challenged so much by others.

Kerry Brown said...

Iam Samson asked me to post this. For some reason Blogger won't let him post a second comment.

From Ian:

Dan W: I don't understand what Win98SE has to do with Vista.

What is all the fuss about? Vista is a new OS with teething troubles like all previous OSes from MS. Does anyone remember that total disaster called DOS4? After DOS 3.1 until 5.x and then 6.22 which was really stable, everything else was regarded as total crap. Then that disastrous Windows 3.0 was quickly replaced with Windows 3.1. When Microsoft got hold of Norton Desktop for Windows suddenly Windows 95 was released.

It's all just hype and teething troubles. I run Windows 2000 Pro SP4 & XP Home on desktops and Vista Business 32 on two laptops. I have few difficulties with them. When I do experience difficulties, it's more a case of "Intel Inside, Idiot Outside".

marmos said...

Oh Ian,

how hard you are with yourself and others but what you say about experiencing difficulties is true, very true!? I experienced it many times!?

Ian Samson's Blog said...

Marmos, perhaps, yes, but the level of support in South Africa is abominable. I have had to answer many software questions FOR Micro$oft AND resolve scanner issues FOR Hewlett-Packard, who should be supporting me and answering MY questions.

The difference between us is that I speak my mind, I am not sufficiently educated in the practice of diplomacy. Apologies should I have offended anyone, but that's me, and if people don't like my open honesty, they can simply delete my messages.

I have VERY FEW problems with Vista now. I run the following Operating Systems at home on my home network: Desktop: Windows 2000 SP4, Desktop: Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Desktop: XP-Home, and two HP Compaq 6720s laptops both with Vista Business 32. All computers print to my Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer connected by USB to my Windows 2000 SP4 desktop. It was a battle, but I won it. No help from Microsoft and very little help from Epson.

Most XP users say they hate Vista because it's different to XP. Sure it is different but it is supposed to be different. It is a new operating system.

There is little wrong with my Vista operating systems; there is a lot wrong with people's attitudes towards them.